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Hi there, I'm Todd, the founder and sole developer here at QastVue Labs. For the past decade, I've been knee-deep in various tech roles, from app development to steering projects and wearing multiple hats in the industry. My goal? Empowering small businesses with the tech tools they need to thrive in today's digital landscape.

In my interactions with small businesses, I've noticed a recurring challenge: many struggle to afford a high-quality website upfront. Those who did invest often ended up with sites that seemed like they'd been frozen in time for a decade! They were caught in a tough spot—unable to afford a decent website and unsure who to trust for modern design. So, I devised a business model tailored to these needs. That's how the $125-a-month subscription model was born. It's my way of making top-notch website development more accessible to small businesses without straining their budgets.

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Quality Over Quantity

We prioritise the specific needs of each business, customising content to highlight its distinctiveness. Our collaborative approach is highly interactive, involving close partnership with you to craft a website that fully satisfies your vision rather than settling for something less.

  • No Pre-Written Content

    We write unique and engaging content around your company. Everyone is unique!

  • Unbeatable Customer Service

    No automated systems. When you need help the lead developer answers your call.

  • No Limits On Design

    We can edit the design to cater to your tastes. Everything is customisable!

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